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Halaal, kosher and vegetarian food in Vic Falls

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Halaal Food 

Only two hotels in Victoria Falls (Zimbabwe) currently offer certain Halaal foods. These are The Victoria Falls Hotel and The Kingdom Hotel. (see the certificate attached). This cannot be construed as strictly halaal so if you are strictly halaal we recommend a supplier in town who can offer certified halaal traditional vegetarian and non vegetarian Indian cuisine for small or large groups. Prices range start from about $25pp for a basic single course meal to $40 for a three course meal. 

Please note that it is not possible to refund guests for meals that are included in the daily rate of the hotel or lodge chosen.
Halaal Certificate


Vegetarian food is no longer the domain of strange hippy types and has become far more mainstream. All of the major hotels offer good vegetarian selections in their menus. You may not get the variety that you may enjoy in your home town so if you have any snack that you particularly enjoy please take it along.

Kosher food

Only one lodge (on the Zambian side of the Falls) currently offers kosher options. As it comes at an added cost this may not suit everyone's budget. An alternative to consider is for guests to take their own pre made food which can be heated as required. There are a number of kosher delis in major centres like Johannesburg and Cape Town that offer pre made meals especially for travellers.
Please advise us of your meal preferences if you are staying at a lodge so that your dietary requirements can be accommodated.