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Fishing in Victoria Falls

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Fishing in Victoria Falls
Fishing trips Victoria Falls
Some say…… there is not much decent fishing in the Victoria Falls area close to the Falls. Well, we have proved this to be wrong….very wrong. Local fishing guides know the secret spots and will even get you up close and very personal with the river right up to the edge of the Falls, we kid you not! This is extreme fishing at its best as you weave your way around the many channels and rock structures that make this part of the river quite unique.
This area is not generally fished and can be accessed only by skilled and knowledgeable guides. We have located and contracted one such guide and we are proud to offer half day and full day fishing adventures for anyone staying in the town of Vic Falls or Livingstone. Trips are undertaken in flat bottomed speed boats with plenty of room for all types of fishing, be it conventional or fly.
Lunch and refreshments are provided for full day clients and our fishing guide will even pick you up and drop you off back at the hotel.
The main species we aim for is the ferocious tiger fish which is common to this part of the Zambezi River, predatory bream (Nembwe) and yellow fish are also targeted on your fishing day. We pride ourselves on a strict “catch and release” ethos and our guide is well trained to assist you with the successful release of your catch after the trophy photograph is taken.

We also offer fishing in Victoria Falls Zambia. It makes no sense to cross over borders for a days fishing so please stipulate which side of the Falls you are looking for.